Goshinjo Therapy
For severe pain, allergies, cancers, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and other incurable diseases

Actual Testimonials

Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
Therefore, you should only seek a highly trained and skilled therapist. For your nearest recommended therapist please contact Kihodo Head Office.

(Jaki: Evil life energy detected and recognized as excessive electromagnetic energy)

Ancient teachings say the causes of Jaki generation are 'internal factors' (grief, joy, anger, worry, sadness, fear and shock), 'external factors' (wind, cold, humidity, heat, dryness, fire) and 'factors which are neither internal or external' (infection, unbalanced diet, overwork, jaw misalignment, etc.).
In Goshinjo therapy 'man-made external factors' are added to the above as the causes of excessive electromagnetic energy (Jaki). These 'man-made external factors' cause incredible harm to our health.
Man-made external factors include electromagnetic waves, chemical substances, agricultural chemicals and addictives. Especially harmful electromagnetic waves are one of the biggest issues all over the world. However the world doesn't know how to treat the adverse health issues caused by them. Goshinjo therapy has been taking the initiative in finding and eliminating excessive electromagnetic energy (Jaki) in our body caused by electromagnetic waves to cure illnesses.