Goshinjo Therapy
For severe pain, allergies, cancers, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and other incurable diseases

Actual Testimonials

Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
Therefore, you should only seek a highly trained and skilled therapist. For your nearest recommended therapist please contact Kihodo Head Office.

(Jaki: Evil life energy detected and recognized as excessive electromagnetic energy)

Goshinjo therapy is applied by the same method for every illness, by eliminating the accumulated Jaki (excessive electromagnetic energy) in your body, thus allowing the original normal energy to flow correctly.
Goshinjo can pinpoint where Jaki which causes illness is located and Goshinjo can eliminate Jaki with the effective energy which Goshinjo can input. When Goshinjo implements are held, your body energy flow gets better and strong enough to demonstrate. Everyone carries this energy. This energy is extracted by Goshinjo implements. This theory has been proven by data/information available in curing illness and makes us understand that the substance of illness is Jaki.
The substance of Jaki (evil life energy) we found with Goshinjo is the excessive electromagnetic energy build up in modern science terms. However, the excessive electromagnetic energy is just one part of Jaki (evil life energy). These energies are something that is deep and is not yet fully understood by human intelligence.

All the life phenomena in the human body like internal organs, bowels, brain, and so on including digestion and absorption of food, metabolism, excretion, and detoxification of harmful substances occur by electrical phenomenon and chemical phenomenon. The life energy field should be correct so as to have the correct electrical and chemical phenomena. Our body has inborn features so that the life phenomenon occurs correctly when the life energy field is correct. Goshinjo therapy creates the correct field for this life phenomenon by eliminating excessive electromagnetic energy.
Although modern medicine is dramatically improving, it is only 'the medicine of a material world'. However, Goshinjo therapy creates the correct life energy field which is 'the medicine of an energy world'. Using this knowledge and initiative, Goshinjo therapy applies this theory and is the first in the world to get positive results towards various illnesses.

It's said that there are about 100 billions nerve cells (neurons) which make up the@central nervous system such as cerebrum and cerebellum, and there are about 100 thousands of synapses (connecting areas) in each nerve cell. When bioelectricity flows in the axon, chemical substances are released from the tip of axon and the chemical substances enter the nerve cells to make bioelectricity flow. That is, after receiving information, action potential which is created in the axon of nerve cells travels to the tip of the axon as an electrical signal. This electrical signal is transformed into a chemical signal by the release of nerve transmission substances, and after being received by the nerve cells, this chemical signal is transformed into an electrical signal to receive the information. (See the Diagram below.) All life phenomena occur by the correct transformation between electrical signals and chemical signals. The five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch also are detected in the brain by transforming information into an electrical signal.
However, if the human body has excessive electromagnetic energy (Jaki), transformation between the electrical signals and chemical signals is not performed correctly causing abnormality in the transmission of nerve cell information resulting in illness.
Goshinjo therapy extracts excessive electromagnetic energy out of the human body, balances the correct energy flow and brings out a high performance of life phenomenon due to the normalization of the electrical and chemical signals being transformed. Therefore, symptoms are improved instantly.