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Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
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Volume 13 ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
-A patient who had difficulty walking and was using wheelchair, but now he can walk with sticks. -

We have introduced clinical cases of the incurable disease, ALS, two times so far on this column, and it had a massive influence among the people. Following is the case of a patient who read our column of g incredible recoveryh and was shocked by it. He visited Kihodo with his family desperately hoping to cure the disease from Shimane prefecture. As a result, he was able to recover his symptoms that he can even come visit Kihodo all by his own.

It was 4 years ago from now when we first came out with ALS case treating with Goshinjo therapy which was the case of Dr. Yuji Suzuki, who was diagnosed ALS 17 years ago, described his experience of dramatic recovery from ALS symptoms in column vol. 34. The second time we published ALS case was with the patient who was an athlete, wanting to cure the disease. He found out about Goshinjo therapy by searching it on google and found our columns.
On our columns, we introduce cases with the patientsf real information, such as details of their results of examination data to deliver accurate information for who is currently suffering same disease. For that reason, most of patients on our columns are published anonymously.
However, regarding the last two ALS cases, both patients decided to publish their cases with their real names because they strongly feel that it will help people who is depressed about the ALS symptoms.
Naoki Miyako (age 64), who is an ALS patient, also feels the same way about helping ALS sufferers by publishing cases with real patientsf names, and we deeply appreciate his thoughtfulness.
ALS only progress its symptoms and there are no cure for that, therefore, recovering from ALS is medically, impossible. Especially for this reason, it means a lot to us to publish patientsf cases with their real names.
We hope the fact that the Goshinjo therapy has been healing ALS patients gives medical workers an opportunity to discuss about Goshinjo therapy as an alternative treatment for ALS.

Underwent surgery of fixing gslipped diskh, yet his symptoms got worse... doctor diagnosed gALSh after running a scrutiny.
Naoaki Miyako (age 64), who lives in Gotsu in Shimane prefecture, went to a hospital to see an orthopedic doctor complaining about difficulty of walking due to pain of his right calf, on 26th of June, 2017. He was diagnosed gslipped disch and his doctor performed a surgery to fix it, on 11th of July, 2017. However, he kept losing his muscle strength, and did not get better after the surgery, he had to take another scrutiny to find out what is hurting him. And finally, on 23rd of August, 2017, he was diagnosed ALS judging by his electromyogram.
gI lost my mind when my doctor told me that I have ALS.h, Miyako said. His oldest daughter, Yumi described the situation when they are told that he was diagnosed ALS; gMy mind went blank, my face went pale, my whole world turned into a black ocean, and I literally had no idea what to do with it. I only had a deep depression at that time.h
At this time, he only could walk a few steps forward with two sticks, so he had to use wheelchair when he needs to go somewhere. In September, he received a medical care expense recipient certificate which says gAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosish, issued by governor of Shimane prefecture and at the same time, he was certified primary nursing care level 1 from his district, Gotsu, which means he needs support to take a shower, go to bathroom or do other routine activities because of low capability of doing routine work.
He was taking gRiluzoleh which has a possibility to slow down the progression of ALS, and also taking drips called gRadicuth which is for brain stroke once every two weeks, however he did not get better at all.
g I am giving up all hopes...h
When he was at a loss at what to do to recover from the disease, his oldest daughter, Yumi found our column.
gI was encouraged by reading the columns and messages from Dr. Suzuki, and knowing the fact that Mr. Shimada recovered from ALS which is a disease progresses pretty quickly and has no possibility of recovering only in a few months. I thought this is a pure miracle, and wanted my dad to get the treatment, so I called Kihodo and Dr. Kida picked up the phone and he said g I can assure you that if he get the treatment promptly, it will be a great help for him to cure the disease.h, he also told me that if I once get the treatment for myself, he will allow me to have Goshinjo, and teach me how to use it. So I decided to go to Tokyo and learn how to use it to give my dad the treatment.h said Yumi.
However, right before her departure to Tokyo, her dad, Naoaki said g I want to get the treatment by myself.h and then she booked an extra airplane tickets to Tokyo for him. She made him sit in a wheelchair, and took airplane, train, and taxi, they finally got to Kihodo on 8th of November, 2017.
And from this day, his dramatic recovery has begun and also it is an anniversary day for them.

He could only walk with two sticks, however Goshinjo therapy gave him full functioning legs after the treatment
His first day at Kihodo was 8th of November. Before the treatment, he could barely move his body to the bed at Kihodo and walk with his two lofstrand crutches (which are sticks support his entire body). However after the treatment, he only needed one single stick to walk, and was able to walk faster than he used to. His body axis got stabled, and he could turn his body around quickly and lightly. His daughter Yumi says, g I cannot believe that his stubborn ankle got flexible after rubbing his right leg with Goshinjo, and also I will not forget him saying this with big smile; gMy body feels a lot light nowh. At this time, I understood the healing power of Goshinjo therapy.
My dad wants to get a better health condition, so we are planning on staying in Tokyo and get more Goshinjo therapy than last time we got. Also, I deeply appreciate the miracle of getting this amazing Goshinjo Therapy. Thank you so very much for giving us this opportunity to heal him. 11th, November, 2017.Yumi.h
On 13th of the same month, we got update email from Naoaki; g My body is maintaining the good condition since I left Kihodo on 8th. My feet step out forward, I can walk a little faster than before with sticks, got gained, and I do not get tired so quickly anymore. Also my hip got softened and a person from rehabilitation center told me that my arm muscles are relaxed now. What makes me happy is that not onlyme can notice the improvements of my symptoms. Naoaki Miyakoh

Third time of visiting Kihodo, with no company, all the way to Tokyo on his my own
Mr. Miyako was so amazed by how Goshinjo therapy healed him, and he decided to visit Kihodo with his wife for 4 days and got the treatment 6 times during his stay. During his stay, his symptoms recovered dramatically, again.
14th, the day he arrived in Tokyo, he was using a wheelchair when he was at a hotel, but after he got the treatment which was prioritized his lower body, he could walk without sticks stably, and had to return the wheelchair when he got back to the hotel. He could even walk to a convenience store nearby the hotel by himself, and he was so surprised by how much he recovered. He could not raise his right thigh before, but now he can.
His wife expresses her feeling: g My daughter has been giving my husband Goshinjo therapy every single day, but I am very surprised by the recovery of his symptoms recovering so quickly with 6 times of treatments in 4 days. He could not raise his right leg on a first day at Kihodo, but on a last day, he was able to raise it 30 times. I am so impressed by this miracle therapy and my heart is full of gratitude for Dr.Kida.h
Every time he visits Kihodo, he shows us dramatic recovery, but third time of his visit, he showed us even more dramatic recovery. On the same month of 28th, he visited Kihodo by himself for 4 days, with no company helping him to walk.
It was his third time of visiting Kihodo, and he was able to pull his right leg towards his stomach when he is on his side. He was not able to do this emotion before, but according to Naoaki, he said; gWhen they treated my inner thighs primarily, I felt malevolence released and after that I could move my legs and I was able to do the motion more than 20 times without making effort to do that motionh, and also his posture got stabled. After he got back to his home, he and his family agreed on stopping taking both medicines he had been taking, gRiluzoleh and gRadicuth. At rehabilitation center, his physical therapist was so surprised watching him doing the motion of pulling his leg towards his stomach when he is on his side, and said gWell, he might gained some muscles, thatfs why his legs are moving...h, but Yumi said g it is not about gaining muscles, Goshinjof s great power worked for him and his nerves got connected. He could not move his legs at all until yesterday, it is a pure miracle of Goshinjo.h
On 12th of December, he visited Kihodo again by himself, with no company supporting him. This time, he got 9 times of treatment in 5 days.
After treatment, his walking ability got stabled, his lumbus does not move when he tries to walk. By the end of the year, he was able to clean inside of his car, and even a bathtub.

gPrimary nursing care level 1h, however six moths later, gPerson requiring support level 1h
After he went back to his home, he continued the treatment and he tried to walk as much as he can because Dr. Kida told him to do, and he gained some muscles in his legs and hip. His physical therapist said; g I have never seen this kind of case before in my entire life. I am very, very surprised.h
In March, 2018, he reduced certificatefs level from gPrimary nursing care level 1h to gPerson requiring support level 1h. He can now drive a car, and he can walk without sticks at his house.

Regeneration of human cells?
Why Goshinjo therapy treatment can heal ALS, and why unmovable muscles become movable.[
It is obvious that there is gsomethingh making human muscles possible to move, just like Yumi said;h it is not about gaining muscles, Goshinjof s great power worked for him and his nerves got connected. He could not move his legs at all until yesterday, it is a pure miracle of Goshinjo.h
We have published Dr.Kidafs theory in past columns, so you are welcome to read through the columns. Dr.Kidafs theory is this; g Removing malevolence from your head, trunk, and periphery helps process energy stream, and information your brain generated goes to your nerves, therefore your motion of muscles recovered.h. Also he says; gThe power of energy of Goshinjo therapy treatment, and more than anything, the quality of the energy turns up human bodyfs switch on, and then regenerate the shortened axis of nerves. And I realize that it cannot he explained by modern medical science knowledge, but it is happening in our reality. For example, there is a patient who had a severe non compensated cirrhosis hepatitis with massive hydro petroleum and he was already told how long he can live, but he is fully recovered and he is now back at work. He is working very hard and living his life now. Also there is another good example, a patient who had executive dysfunction, but he is also recovered. Therefore, Dr. Gen Matsumoto has stated that; g Analyzing Goshinjo therapy treatment will change the paradigm of science. It is our countryfs responsibility to analyze it.h He states a very new medical theory from the gene world.
ALS only gets worse, and there is zero possibility of recovering from it, thatfs why it is a pure miracle. Miyakofs family was in a deep depression at first, but they are now impressed and amazed by the result.
g I cannot express my feeling, how much I appreciate the Goshinjo therapy treatment. I have never seen this kind of treatment before. What is impressive about this treatment is that even I can heal sick people. I really, deeply, thank Dr. Kida with all my heart.h said Yumi.
In Miyakofs case, he gets the treatment twice a day while he is in Tokyo, and at home, himself or his family give him the treatment every single day. gRecovering from ALS requires frequency, it is very important to provide the treatment as much as you can.h said Dr. Kida.
Yumi, who is the oldest daughter of Miyako, and allowed us to interview her about her and her dadfs miracle experience, said g I cry for remembering the old days. Every day was a miracle. Me and my family will continue the treatment and I hope everyone gets a chance to know about Goshinjo therapy treatment.

Postscript [After publishing ALS case column[
After we published this column, Naoakifs oldest daughter sent a thanks email to Kihodo.
gAfter you published the column, it generated a good reaction among my friends, doctor, care manager, and physical therapist. It is better to explain what happened to my dad by making them read the columns instead of explaining. So that way they can understand the effectiveness of Goshinjo therapy treatment.
gA physical therapist who visits my dad, they brought paramedics and asked me if Kihodo can provide Goshinjo therapy treatment tracing for them the other day. They also told me that; g It is a pure miracle. ALS is impossible to recover and no one knows how to heal it, and reducing the nursing level from gPrimary nursing care level 1h to gPerson requiring support level 1h is really hard to believe and I am so surprised.h They seemed pretty surprised and also seemed very curious about the Goshinjo therapy treatment.h said Yumi.
In fact, Dr.Kida is going to publish his theory, and also going to tell the audience about the cases of recovering from ALS by Goshinjo therapy treatment in a medical conference. And Yumi was impressed by the great news and told her home doctor about it.
gWhen my dad went to see his doctor at a hospital, he brought the columns of Dr.Suzuki and Shimadafs case, and also update emails of patient gAh who fully recovered from ALS, the doctor was so surprised and said g Did they really fully recovered from ALS!?h gIs the treatment only need to rub your body with the Goshinjo!?h He seemed pretty impressive by the results of Goshinjo therapy treatment.hsaid Yumi.
She also says; gI know there is something we cannot see. I have seen my dad retrieved his full functioning legs, the miracle happened right in front of me. I want everyone who is suffering ALS experience this miracle treatment. My aim now is to help and support ALS sufferers by letting know about Goshinjo therapy among people.h said Yumi.
In our DVD which contains cases of Goshinjo therapy treatment, it includes the ALS case of Miyako, last stage cancer, Parkinsonfs disease, and other incurable disease cases recovering from their worst health condition to better health condition. Patients who visits Kihodo for the treatment can watch the DVD there.

3rd of August, 2018
Masako Kubota
English translation Fuku Ito