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Although there are many clinics where Goshinjo therapy is administered throughout Japan, the results of the treatment will vary considerably depending on the skill level and experience the therapist has gained.
Therefore, you should only seek a highly trained and skilled therapist. For your nearest recommended therapist please contact Kihodo Head Office.

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Volume 12 ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
-Dramatic recovery of an athlete who was forced to retire due to loss of strength in the right side of his body-

After Volume 7 ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) was published, many ALS sufferers visit Kihodo for Goshinjo therapy treatment. The sufferers with ALS for which there is no effective treatment in modern medicine are desperate. Following is the case of an athlete whose ALS recovered dramatically with Goshinjo therapy.

Diagnosed with ALS whilst he was an active athlete at the age of 37.
Masahiko Shimada (age 39) was a competing athlete. However, he started to have discomfort to his body approximately 3 years ago when he was 36 of his age.
He started to feel that his right leg had lost some strength. He had been successful for more than 15 years as an athlete, however, he became less competitive because of the loss of strength in his right leg.
eBecause it was just after I finished studying osteopathy and I graduated as a therapist whilst I was still an active athlete, I thought my problem was around the lumber vertebrae. I had treatment for a slipped disk and tried a variety of treatments including block injection. However, nothing was effective and my symptoms were getting worse,f said Masahiko.
When he visited a neurologist he was referred to a hospital, and after a thorough examination, he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease i.e. ALS on December 17, 2013.
eI did not know much about ALS and all I could do was listen to my diagnosis. When I told my teacher about my diagnosis, he looked shocked. I investigated ALS on the internet and found, gYour muscular strength deteriorates and you will gradually lose your mobility including eating, breathing, opening your eyes...h gLife expectancy is short.h gThere is no treatment.h gNo cure.h I was really frightened and I was not able to sleep from that day forward.f
His alcohol intake increased and started to rely on sleeping pills for the first time.

Fear and despair from losing muscle tonicity and appearance
eThe doctor prescribed Riltek for a potential extension of life. Although it cost me 60,000 yen per month I could not feel any improvement except for the side effects such as feeling sick, stomach pain and swollenness. I stopped taking it after one month. I then tried vitamin preparation Methycobal, however I had to stop just after 3 days due to severe side effects like stomach pain, etc.f said Masahiko.
For ALS there is no effective treatment and no effective medication. He stopped taking all medication just to ease his mind.
As the days passed, Masahikofs motor function and muscle strength of his right arm and right leg deteriorated. He hated to see that his proud strong muscles were changing to soft and gross flesh. He was fearful and miserable. Everyone to whom he explained his situation cried and that made him feel pitiful and despairing.
Masahiko could not compete as an active athlete by the summer of 2014 and decided to retire in autumn at the age of 38.

Guided by the testimonials of Dr. Suzuki, he went to Tokyo for a number of Goshinjo therapy treatments.
Acupuncture, osteopathy, chi gong, supplements, electrotherapy, dietetic treatment, Masahiko tried everything, however, nothing seemed to be effective. He just kept searching for something which might be helpful on the internet.
On June 1, 2015, Masahiko came across Dr. Suzukifs testimonial in the Kihodofs website. Although he was skeptical, he could not stop thinking about Goshinjo therapy and searched if Dr. Suzuki was a real person. He found the website of Dr. Suzukifs clinic and convinced himself to try Goshinjo therapy.
On that day, he had a MRI at the hospital to check his muscles.
eAfter the MRI test, I felt that my symptoms suddenly worsened. Prior to the MRI, I managed to jog every morning and evening, however, after the MRI I could not cope with it any more. I struggled to walk, could not do plantarflexion and dorsiflexion with my right ankle. My right arm was also affected and I struggled to write and/or eat with chopsticks. My right anterior tibial muscle and right forearm were also affected and I could not use my right foot to drive.f
After making appointments for 3 sessions of Goshinjo therapy Masahiro conveyed these changes to Master Kida on the telephone. Master Kida replied, eSince MRI creates a strong magnetic field and makes your body generate strong Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy), your body was affected with that. Goshinjo therapy helps to remove such Jaki caused by examinations.f Masahiko felt relief with Master Kidafs explanation.

Struggling to do even one push-up changed to being able to do 10 push-ups after one session of Goshinjo therapy.
On his first visit to Kihodo when Masahiko was filling in the medical questionnaire, he could not stop shedding tears.
eMaster Kida might misunderstand that I cried because of my difficult situation, however, my tears were from relief that I was able get to Kihodo. The atmosphere at Kihodo was peaceful and tranquil with a very different level of energy. I felt relieved even before the treatment. I was more than happy if the progress of my symptoms of ALS could be slowed down with Goshinjo therapy,f said Masahiko.

Despite Masahikofs modest wish, with just one session of Goshinjo therapy he experienced a huge change to his body. I strongly recommend that you contact Kihodo and obtain the DVD in which his progress was recorded if you are an ALS sufferer or an interested medical person.

Before the first session of Goshinjo therapy on June 11, 2015, the movement of his right ankle and his right arm was restricted. He had to drag his right leg to walk and could not stand on his right foot. He could not swing his right arm when walking. He could only lift his right arm to the horizontal position and could do only one push-up with a struggle.
However, straight after the first session, he could do 10 push-ups on the treatment bench. eI can tense my muscle! I am so happy!f he smiled with surprise. He could do dorsiflexion with his right ankle, slowly for a few centimeters. He could lift his right foot a little to walk, that made his walking posture change. He could also fully lift his right arm. Masahiko told me his experience was as follows.
eBecause I had read the testimonials on the internet, I had some idea about a tingling feeling in the hands and feet during treatment. I could definitely feel it and occasionally it felt like a lump exiting from my hands and feet. My right limbs which had movement restrictions and the left side of my head felt quite painful when the Goshinjo therapy implements were applied. When I felt pain from the Goshinjo therapy implements, I had more tingling feelings and convinced myself that Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy) was accumulated there. After Jaki was removed, I felt that I could tense my limbs and felt much better.f

Physical improvement inspired me to restart muscle training.
After 3 subsequent Goshinjo treatments, his physical improvement was remarkable. Only one push-up before the treatment increased to 10 after the first session, 15 after the second session and 23 after the third session.
The range of his right ankle motion became broader and his walking became smoother as the days passed. On the third day he required only 15 minutes for which he spent 30 minutes walking approximately 800 meters from the hotel to Kihodo. He was able to stand on his right foot for 1 minute. This proves that his neural transmission had improved.
Masahiko said, eI spent 2 nights at a hotel in Tokyo following Goshinjo therapy and I was surprised that I could sleep well without the aid of sleeping pills as I had always taken them since my diagnosis. After 3 sessions I also realized that the twitch in my right leg had stopped. I came for Goshinjo therapy with a certain expectation, but I did not expect this much improvement.f
The improvement remained after he came home and he restarted jogging on June 15 together with muscle training. His appetite returned and sleep quality became even better. He was also able to drive a car using his right foot.
Masahiko visited Kihodo again on June 16 and purchased Goshinjo therapy implements. Whilst he administered Goshinjo therapy to himself, he also looked after his friends to relieve their pain. Just 10 minutes of his Goshinjo therapy reduced their level of pain and Masahiko appreciated the value of Goshinjo therapy.

New goal is to become a Goshinjo therapist.
Masahiko continued to visit Kihodo 3 times a week, each day he arrived at 8am and stayed until the evenings learning Goshinjo therapy and he received 2 sessions of Goshinjo therapy daily, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.
eWhilst I was at Kihodo, I saw the sufferers of severe illnesses such as terminal cancer, severe eczema and brain disorder. I also met a person in his 50fs with severe cirrhosis and liver cancer with his belly filled with ascites. He was told by a doctor that his death was imminent, however, he recovered with Goshinjo therapy and returned to work. That was really encouraging. I saw various sufferers going home with relieved bright faces after undergoing Goshinjo therapy treatment, even those with severe pain from cancer. Goshinjo therapy helps sufferers with a variety of incurable diseases. I know this from my own experience of improvement with ALS.f
Masahiko started thinking about becming a Goshinjo therapist during his time at Kihodo looking at ordinary people coming to learn Goshinjo therapy, but first, he had to recover from ALS to be able to work.

Nerves and muscles feel connected and muscles regenerated.
I met Masahiko for an interview on October 22, 2015 which was approximately 4 months from his first Goshinjo therapy treatment. I knew about his improvement up to around July from watching the DVD, however, I was amazed with his further improvement.
He could move his right arm and leg without any problems almost as much as his left side. He was capable of moving them quickly, gently or strongly. He could run on the spot lifting his thighs, jump from a squat position, and performed Karate kicks with his right leg reaching his head. He has now regained all the motor abilities and muscle strength that no one can tell that he suffers from ALS. I wonder what doctors would say about his improvement.

eThe difference of Goshinjo therapy from other treatments is that you can physically feel it is doing something to your body,f said Masahiko.
With Goshinjo therapy many patients actually feel that Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy) is expelled through their hands and feet as a tingling feeling, especially when Master Kida tries to remove Jaki with his life energy from his hand. However, for ALS sufferers like Masahiko and Dr. Suzuki in Volume 7 of the testimonials say that they also feel their nerves and muscle are connected when receiving Goshinjo therapy.
eALS stops conveying commands from the brain to muscles and the muscles gradually deteriorate, so even if I try really hard to move my ankle, it does not move. However, Goshinjo therapy makes me feel that the nerves and muscles are connected immediately. Not only that, I can actually feel the connection because I can move my ankle. I was amazed and felt so happy,f said Masahiko.
He also added, eALS stops regenerating muscle and once it has degenerated you can never regain it, this is the conventional idea of ALS. However, I restarted muscle training and my muscles have regenerated. His muscles looked as strong as an athletefs.

Certified as a Goshinjo therapist.
Masahiko asked Master Kida to let him attend the Hachidai Ryuoh Taisai Ritual held in the Ryusenji temple of Yoshino Nara on October 11, 2015.
Master Kida is Grand Grand-Master of Ohminesan Shugen-do and visits Mountain Ohmine several times a year for discipline. To make it clear, that is his personal matter and does not force this on his patients and disciples. Kihodo is a place where people go for the treatment of serious illnesses. A lot of people visit Hachidai Ryuoh Taisai Ritual which is held in October every year in the Ryusenji temple in Ohminesan, the sacred place of Shugen-do, for its spiritual and majestic festival. Master Kida often take persons who wish to attend the festival and Masahiko was one of them.
Ryusenji temple is located 820 meters above sea level and Masahiko stood under a waterfall at Ryuoh Waterfall in Ryusenji temple.
eAlthough the water was really cold and relentless, I felt very refreshed and filled with energy afterwards. I witnessed Master Kida under the waterfall reciting Hannya-Shingyo mantra and praying to cure illness for everyone and for every illness. It was so energetic. It was surprising that just after a Goshinjo therapy treatment during the stay in Ohminesan, my right ankle and toes regained their flexibility. After my visit to Ohminesan and feeling the energy, I understand better about the origin of Master Kidafs life energy,f said Masahiko.
The night after the ritual, Masahiko received his certification as a Goshinjo therapist from Master Kida. After 4 months of despair, his new life as a therapist had begun.

Why Masahikofs ALS which is supposed to be incurable improved?
Master Kida explains, eIn case of Masahiko, he started to receive Goshinjo therapy at the stage that he could still walk by himself and his well-built muscles were not completely deteriorated. That made the recovery so successful. He also received Goshinjo therapy quite often in a short period of time, and it is very important that he decreased his exposure to electromagnetic fields by restricting his mobile use.f
In Goshinjo therapy, substance of illness is considered as Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy). The logic, eWhen Jaki is removed from your body so that the life energy flows correctly, the life energy field is corrected, the life phenomenon occurs correctly and illness is cured,f constructed by Master Kida is based on ethe law of naturef, and by removing Jaki with Ki (correct life energy), Goshinjo therapy helps to improve symptoms of incurable ALS, cancer and other illnesses.
eIt is also important to remove Jaki from a personfs head, trunk and periphery, this makes life energy flow better and helps the information from the brain transmit quickly to the peripheral nerves for improvement of muscle movement,f said Master Kida.
Without the assumption that Goshinjo therapy made ethe law of naturef work, it is impossible to explain the improvement of Masahiko suffering from ALS, because in the case of ALS, motor neurons are affected, nerve fibers are damaged and damaged muscles never recover. For people affected, there is nothing doctors can do with modern medicine.
Master Kida forms a new theory that cells are newly generated, eI think that the good quality power of life energy given through Goshinjo therapy makes it possible to turn on the genes switch to regenerate or newly create the degenerated or atrophied brain and spinal nerves, which is the unknown phenomena. That is why Goshinjo therapy has cured severe cirrhosis and it has also helped recover the brain function suffering from a severe higher brain dysfunction.f

Goshinjo therapy should be scientifically analyzed for ALS sufferers.
Masahiko says that the outcome of a therapy is more important than its theory for sufferers, however, Goshinjo therapy should be scientifically analyzed to help many sufferers. eLike the Doctor of Brain Science Gen Matsumoto described, gAs a Japanese, I am extremely proud that Goshinjo therapy was developed by Master Kida. I believe that Japan as a country should analyze this therapy scientifically for further improvement as a Japanese invention and make it available worldwide for other nations to improve the welfare of their people,h I think that it must be a short cut for finding a cure for incurable diseases such as ALS if the donations collected by The Ice Bucket Challenge, etc. could be used for the research of Goshinjo therapy by internationally renowned scientists and doctors like Dr. Matsumoto.f

Masahiko as a Goshinjo therapist started to administer Goshinjo therapy to his friends and acquaintances and he feels fulfilled.
eWhen I treated a woman who suffers from breast cancer which spread to the lymph nodes and struggling with side effects of chemotherapy such as headaches, nausea, etc., she appreciated that she felt much better after my Goshinjo therapy,f said Masahiko. He also appreciates that he can share the appreciation of patients from their improvement.
eYou really do not understand how desperate they are unless you actually face such a serious situation. I am very grateful that I could find Goshinjo therapy. Not only did it help my ALS, it also gave me pleasure to help others. I will try my best as a Goshinjo therapist,f Masahiko said.

November 4, 2015
Masako Kubota
English translation R & A Grosso

Dr. Yuji Suzuki in Vol. 7 of the testimonials eALS -A doctor suffering from ALS for 17 years was amazed with his recovery which is supposedly medically impossible. gI would like to analyze Goshinjo therapy,hf sent me his latest report upon my request of his opinion about Masahikofs case in Vol. 12.
It is a very important report which considers why Goshinjo therapy is effective to incurable ALS written by a doctor whose ALS improved with Goshinjo therapy.
Dr. Suzuki allowed me to upload his report for ALS sufferers and medical experts, for the purpose of helping sufferers.

Masako Kubota

Special contribution
eWhy Goshinjo therapy is effective to ALS.f


Before writing any comment about the Masahikofs case, I would like to update you on my situation.
It has been a while since my case was uploaded, I still do not need a tube feeding through a gastric fistula or any type of respirator.
I can eat slowly and I can walk short distances with assistance. My legs no longer have swelling which used to make it difficult to put on shoes. Every year I used to catch a severe cold that made my breathing very difficult, however, for 3 years, with Goshinjo therapy treatments, I have not had any infectious disease with a fever. I am so grateful.

There is a noticeable difference for me to report. Since the year 2000 when I broke my humerus, I had been suffering from a depressive state which caused severe anxiety attacks at around dusk daily.
I was then diagnosed with ALS. During that difficult time I became dependent on Benzodiazepine tranquilizers. I had been taking 3 tablets a day for about 15 years. Because of its potential harmful effects to the cognitive function, nerve conduction and muscular strength which were highlighted recently, I tried to reduce the dosage several times. However, I had to give up due to the suffering of the withdrawal symptoms.
I have been trying to reduce the dosage again since around the end of July this year because I feel more confident of controlling my mind towards anxiety. I do not suffer anxiety with 1 tablet per day at present and I think I can stop taking it in near future. I believe that this is good news not only for persons strongly dependent on tranquilizers and/or sleeping tablets in the Benzodiazepine group, but also people suffering from depression and/or anxiety attacks.

What is wrong with the nerves of ALS sufferers?

Commands from the brain are transmitted to muscles via motor neurons. The information of the command from the brain is transmitted as an electrical signal in an elongate neuron (a nerve cell) and the electrical signal is translated into neurotransmitters such as glutamic acid in the gap between neurons called synapse. That is, a command from the brain is transmitted by a combination of physical electrical signals and chemical neurotransmitters. This happens in an instant.

It is understood that in the motor neurons of ALS sufferers, the function of receiving glutamic acid of the neurotransmitters is affected resulting in excessive glutamic acid damaging the neurons. In some cases of familial ALS, abnormality in the enzyme which detoxifies the active oxygen has been found and it is understood that the abnormality is one of the factors which damages the neurons. There is also a theory that oxidants such as active oxygen and free radicals are involved with the degeneration of motor neurons of non-familial ALS.

For treating ALS, Rilzole(RILTEK) taken orally and Edaravone(RADICUT) administered via injection are used to control cytotoxicity by glutamine and to reduce cellular stress by free radicals respectively. However, both are not so effective. It is probable that in addition to glutamine and active oxygen, some genetic abnormalities and/or environmental factors are intricately involved.

Regenerative medicine by iPS cells and development of new medicines are expected, however, they will not be available as fast as ALS sufferers and their families would like.

Why Goshinjo therapy is effective to ALS?

In case of Masahiko, I am really surprised with his improvement. ALS sufferers who visit Kihodo have experienced a certain improvement by Goshinjo therapy, however, Masahiko has improved well beyond expectations.

In Vol. 7 of this testimonials, I mentioned, eThis is what I imagine. Whatever the cause, for example, the life energy which is input through the Goshinjo therapy implements, if it allows the degenerated and damaged nerve fibers to re-connect and transmit commands to the muscles, the muscles can be moved temporally. However, a command may not be always transmitted because it is a temporary connection. It is difficult to think like this medically, but if I donft put this way I cannot explain the effects of Goshinjo therapy.f In Masahikofs case, the series of phenomena suggesting ea temporary connection of motor nerves a continuous connection of motor nerves recovery of muscular strengthf occurred in a very short period. I also mentioned, eIt may work better for an ALS sufferer at the initial stage,f and my assumption was right. I was encouraged as an ALS sufferer and I re-affirmed that we need some basic research to analyze Goshinjo therapy as a doctor.

Once, I discussed Masahikofs case with my colleague neurologist and she replied, eIf Masahiko recovered, his diagnosis of ALS might be incorrect.f Regrettably this is a common reaction amongst specialists. For example, a large cerebral infarction makes recovery of the function difficult because many neurons themselves have perished, and a spinal cord injury can cause both legs to be completely paralyzed because axons of the neurons are cut off. That is because the neurons of the central nervous system cannot be easily regenerated unlike cells of the liver or the peripheral nerves. Doctors have a fixed view that functions cannot recover because neurons of ALS sufferers cannot be regenerated.

On the other hand, the recent study is achieving the explication that damaged neural circuits are actively regenerated even in central nerves where regeneration is deemed extremely difficult. The plural factors which interrupt regeneration of the circuits of the central nervous system are also confirmed in the cell called oligodendrocyte which originally should work for stabilizing neural circuits. This means that regeneration of central nerves are restrained. If the genes which stimulate regeneration of the nerves are activated or the mechanism to block restraining factors are explicated, it is no longer a dream to regenerate central nerves.

As I examined in Vol. 7 of the testimonials, Goshinjo therapy is effective to various functions such as activation of nerves and muscles, stabilizing the mind, anti-inflammation, pain relief, urination, cardiotonic, immunomodulation, and so on. Additionally, cases of dissipation of advanced scirrhous stomach cancer, improvement of severe eczema, returning to work after dystonia and recovery from terminal liver failure are also included. The effectiveness of Goshinjo therapy is incomprehensible from a conventional medicine view point.

In Oriental medicine, the existence of eKif (life energy) which unifies and controls a human body unitarily is presumed and stagnation of eKif is supposed to cause various illnesses. This may not ring a bell. Then, please look around us. Peoplefs hearts are becoming more susceptible and very unstable. Increasing numbers of people suffer from depression at work, an infestation of malicious bullies at schools, violence and cruelty at home is endless and we see more people get easily upset. People are affected not only mentally but also physically, allergic diseases are soaring and cancers or incurable diseases with unknown causes are increasing. What is going on?

Imagine all the things like environmental pollution, chemicals in food, abnormal weather, electromagnetic waves from electrical appliances and smart phones, bad news running around on the internet, etc. cause Evil eKif (Evil life energy, Jaki) which affects the human mind and body and induces diseases. Especially, within the Japanese environment, electromagnetic waves are the worst in the world. It is, as if people are swimming in an ocean of electromagnetic waves. That is why it is important to remove Jaki (Evil life energy, excessive electromagnetic energy) from your body and to correct stagnated flow of eKif (life energy) and make life phenomena work correctly in order to cure diseases. This is the basic idea of Goshinjo therapy. You can think of it as a very effective naturopathy which draws your natural self-healing ability of a latent inborn feature and, one that is largely different from Western medicine which treats symptoms and illnesses. Goshinjo therapy simply follows the law of nature, whilst modern medicine is based only on the scientific evidence.

Considering the above, to improve the symptoms of ALS, the following is required.
1. Stopping the damage to neurons by controlling excessive glutamine
     and free radicals.
2. Activating the regeneration of the damaged neurons.
3. Prompting the regeneration by controlling the factors which prevent
    neurons from regenerating.

Now, if we assume that these three elements above are included in the life phenomena properly corrected by Goshinjo therapy, the composition of eregeneration of neurons recovery of musclesf can be pictured. This is the only explanation that justifies the phenomena that occurred to Masahiko. However, due to the unique feature that Goshinjo therapy often achieves the effects in a very short time (for example, just one session of Goshinjo therapy), the process of repairing lightly damaged neurons should be also considered. Anyway, a project team which includes researchers of basic medicine and clinical specialists should be established as a priority.


It is not easy to explain how effective Goshinjo therapy is to the doctors and researchers. eKif (life energy) is a natural concept if you are involved with Oriental medicine. However, there is a huge barrier in modern medicine in order to acknowledge the concept of eKif which cannot be analyzed scientifically because scientific evidence is the priority of modern medicine.

Vibrational medicine developed in Germany is a curative medicine which aims to improve stagnation of eKif and there is a large-scale research facility. It is ironic that Germany in the Western world researches the Oriental theory, the flow of eKif head on, and Western medicine in Japan does not even acknowledge the existence of eKif.

Goshinjo therapy which offers improvements to symptoms for the sufferers of cancer and incurable diseases is truly a help from the heavens and a ray of light in the dark. Diseases do not wait. The flexible attitude to try to absorb whatever is missing in Western medicine is required in modern medicine. All, for helping sufferers.

November 13, 2015

Yuji Suzuki MD, PhD