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Volume 7 ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
-A doctor suffering from ALS for 17 years was amazed with his 'recovery' which is supposedly medically impossible. 'I would like to analyze Goshinjo therapy.'-

ALS is an incurable disease that affects the motor neurons (motor nerve cells) which transmit orders from the brain and peripheral nerves to muscles. It is well known that Stephen Hawking the theoretical physicist, Torao Tokuda the former head of the hospital group Tokushukai and Hideo Sinozawa a scholar of French literature suffer from. At the onset, muscles are atrophied and weakened, and its progress is almost unstoppable. However, Goshinjo therapy has dramatically reduced the symptoms of ALS which are supposed to be irreversible. A physician who has been suffering from ALS for 17 years experienced the effectiveness of Goshinjo therapy for himself and he now aims to analyze Goshinjo therapy medically.

Cannot walk… Motor impairment, dysphagia, arrhythmia, tachycardia
Yuji Suzuki (age 65), a general practitioner in Tokyo was not diagnosed with ALS at first in 1997. Because, his symptoms were weakened muscles and stiffness of his legs he was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis and had a major operation to relieve the cervical spinal canal. Without any improvement after the operation, his arm muscles also weakened. He struggled to walk and fell over in 2000 breaking his left humerus. In August 2000, Doctor Suzuki was diagnosed with ALS for the first time.

Generally, the typical initial symptom of ALS is motor impairment due to paralyzed limbs. Patients experience difficulties holding chopsticks, lifting heavy items, raising limbs or running. Their muscles are weakened and limbs get thinner.
Because every muscle in the body is affected, its symptoms are not limited to motor impairment. When the muscles of the tongue and throat are affected, they struggle to speak, swallow food, and drink. When it worsens, the muscles to breathe weaken and they also struggle to breathe. However, their consciousness and all of the five senses are normal without change to intelligence, these are the characteristics of ALS.

In the case of Doctor Suzuki, the muscles of his limbs weakened over a few years after the diagnosis and he required a wheelchair. His motor impairment progressed during those 17 years, and as of July, 2012 he could not lift his arms which drooped by his side whilst sitting in his wheelchair. He could only drag his legs and had slight movement of his thumbs and right index finger. He was always slouching because of his weakened abdominal and back muscles.
Due to his weakened throat and tongue muscles, he required an aspirator to remove the phlegm and his ability to swallow deteriorated. All his food was processed and mixed with rice gruel, and over the last few years fluids were mixed with a thickening agent so that he could drink with a straw without suffocating.
He also struggled to speak clearly due to his weakened tongue muscles. As a general practitioner this was devastating.
His heart was not functioning very well as he had palpitations and arrhythmia all the time. His pulse varied between 110 and 120 per minute over the last 10 years.

Dr. Suzuki could drink tea from a cup after only one session of Goshinjo therapy.
It could have been fatal to have any further deterioration in his ability to swallow and breathe. Dr. Suzuki was pressured to have a gastric fistula installed (feeding tube inserted direct to the stomach) and to use an assisted respiration device at night which would then be changed to an artificial respirator by tracheotomy later. At that time Dr. Suzuki was introduced to Goshinjo therapy at Kihodo by his Qi Gong therapist.
Dr. Suzuki has always been inquisitive towards medicine as he was born into a doctor's family. His great-great-grandfather was the lord's physician of Tokugawa shogunate and his father and grandfather were also doctors. He also understood the limitations of Western medicine through his own experience of ALS and that modern medicine could not do anything. Dr. Suzuki decided to try an unheard of alternative therapy of life energy.

His first visit to Kihodo was on July 21, 2012. It is documented in 'Goshinjo therapy The cases of incurable diseases'. This DVD (not for sale) is recorded and created by Kihodo as material for a special yearly lecture by Master Kida at the Tokyo Therapeutic Institute. The subsequent visual record of Dr. Suzuki's dramatic recovery from ALS is sensational.
After the first session, Dr. Suzuki's wife and his Qi Gong therapist were amazed with Dr. Suzuki's standing posture. His wife was also surprised with his sitting posture, 'His posture positions have changed completely. His chest is puffed out.' Dr. Suzuki explained, 'I feel comfortable and I don't have any palpitations.'
Just one session of Goshinjo therapy helped stop his palpitations.
Dr. Suzuki showed everyone that he was able to lift his arm that once drooped by his side and place it on his lap repeatedly. His wife looked so happy.
It is peculiar that the weakened muscles caused by ALS should never recover. However, Dr. Suzuki could feel that he had regained some strength of his muscles with just one session of Goshinjo therapy. He and his family were amazed with the results.
The video also documented other amazing improvements after the session.
When his wife tried to help him drink some tea in Kihodo's waiting room, Dr. Suzuki put some tea into his mouth and could actually gulp it down.
'Wow, I can drink!'
Dr. Suzuki was amazed with his ability to swallow, because he had never been able to drink directly from a cup for many years.
Like other ALS patients, Dr. Suzuki's throat muscles had weakened over time. Just one session of Goshinjo therapy helped him recover his ability to swallow as he was very close to giving up.

His pulse returned to normal and he could enjoy Tempura and Unajyu (an eel dish).
Before the second session of Goshinjo therapy on July 28, 2012, his wife said, 'He has regained his confidence back and he has been trying to lift his arms even though at times he fails. It appears that his body feels comfortable. The back pain that he suffered from for around 10 years has gone after just one session.'
After the second session, Dr. Suzuki stated that his carer was surprised with the sudden improvement of his posture. 'I can flex my quadriceps femoris muscles and I can lift my legs higher than before. I also feel that my muscles have some tension.' He lifted his legs, straightened them and held them up over a chair. 'Before visiting Kihodo, he had never done such an exercise and I'm pretty sure he could not,' said his wife.
Dr. Suzuki added, 'I haven't had any palpitations since my first session and I have much less arrhythmia. My pulse had dropped from between 110 and 120 down to the 80's. I feel so comfortable!'

On the fourth session of Goshinjo therapy on August 8, 2012. Dr. Suzuki lifted his head to look around while he was lying down on the bench. After the session he told us that he was able to eat almost half of a hamburger and Unajyu (an eel dish) which he hadn't had for a long time.

On the eighth session on September 5, 2012, he stretched his legs and lifted them up whilst he was lying on the bench and held them. This exercise requires abdominal muscles as well. His leg muscles have regained tension and strengthened since his first session.
Dr. Suzuki said that since the sixth session on August 29, 2012 he had been trying to stand up straight and maintain that posture without any assistance for one minute before bed. He explained that it is very difficult for ALS sufferers to do that as it requires strength in the abdominal and back muscles, hamstring and inner muscles, and their balance.
This rapid recovery of his motor function and the improved strength of his muscles are breathtaking.

On his ninth session on September 8, 2012, he showed us that he could peddle his legs as if he was riding a bike whilst lying on a bench. He explained that he would not do this very often because it may cause him back pain.

On his eleventh session on September 15, he told us that he had eaten Tempura the previous day. His ability to swallow had improved and he had gained 3kg over the last one and half months. 'I did not feel hungry prior to Goshinjo therapy and forced myself to eat. Now I feel hungry and enjoy my meals. I am happy that I have tried Goshinjo therapy before getting a feeding tube.'
I have also noticed that his speaking is now much clearer.

On his 12th session on September 19, he had his tongue treated for the first time. After the treatment he showed us how much he could stick out his tongue.
His wife added, 'He could not previously stick out his tongue because of the atrophy. It is amazing that he can now do that. His tongue surface has become smooth and pink in color.' Dr. Suzuki explained that ALS causes a tongue atrophy and restricts its movement as well as other muscles in the body. Once they are atrophied, in the case of ALS, the atrophy can never be reversed. I need to understand why Goshinjo therapy has caused this improvement.'
These results have shocked his doctors.
'My pulse is 76 now. For 10 years my pulse has never been in the 70's. It feels very comfortable. Previously I could not sleep well because of palpitations. My heart function has now recovered and my legs are not swollen,' said Dr. Suzuki.

Dr. Suzuki had continued visiting Kihodo for his treatment twice a week and he also purchased Goshinjo implements in November, 2013. He receives Goshinjo treatment at home from his family. When he cannot visit Kihodo regularly he experiences dizziness and palpitations, however, Goshinjo treatment at home helps him feel better even though it is not as good as the treatment given at Kihodo. He has not had a gastric fistula or a tracheotomy.

'I can feel that my nerves and muscles are now connected.'
Why the symptoms of ALS which are progressive and irreversible have recovered with Goshinjo therapy? On August 30, 2014, I spoke with Dr. Suzuki, although he could not speak clearly, I could understand what he said. He also added some medical explanations to this document from that interview with him. This valuable interview speaks from both sides, as a doctor, and as a patient about ALS and Goshinjo therapy. The interview is as follows,

I believe that being diagnosed with ALS was more than I could have ever imagined.

'When diagnosed with ALS, patients are put in the depth of despair. In such a situation, they find it difficult to fight the disease. They will not listen to others and they can not eat. As a result their self-healing ability does not work. Specialists describe ALS as "The symptoms of ALS progress as if one is falling down a slope". That is because there is no effective way of treating it and specialists cannot do much. Regrettably, most of the patients suffer all of the symptoms just as the specialists predict.
After being diagnosed with ALS, I also spent some years in despair. Around the time I visited Kihodo for the first time, I was depressed, and sometimes I took it out on my wife. However, after the first session of Goshinjo therapy, I experienced an exhilarating feeling in the car on the way home. I remember I was encouraged. During repeated Goshinjo treatments I felt less irritable, and my mind was peaceful. My wife said it was much easier to look after me.'

Many patients say that Goshinjo therapy helps to ease stress. Even if the cause of the stress is still there, they feel it on as a scale of between 1 and 10 for what they used to feel as 100.

'Not only for incurable disease sufferers, sufferers of any illness need peace in their minds in the first place. After Goshinjo therapy, patients experience an exhilarating feeling and improvement of their symptoms. Therefore, having repeated Goshinjo treatments accelerates the process of worrying less and feeling peaceful in the mind.'

I watched you in the video. I was surprised that you could drink tea from a cup after only one session of Goshinjo therapy.

'I get a feeling filled with energy after undergoing Goshinjo therapy. I was afraid of drinking tea before. My throat muscles were weak and I used to choke. After Goshinjo therapy I feel that my throat muscles are stronger and I can drink tea. Not only could I drink tea after only one session, I felt that my body was light and I could move my limbs easily.
The ability to swallow or speak depends on my physical condition, however, I feel that my truncal and leg muscles have become stronger because of the visits to Kihodo, and I am more confident to stand up.
I actually feel that my muscles have regenerated over and above what was normal and preventing further degeneration. My masseur also agrees when he checks the tension of my muscles.'

Why do you think Goshinjo therapy improves muscular strength?

'For example, when a person tries to move a leg, he thinks about it first. Then, an order is transmitted from the brain to the muscles via the spinal nerves, and the leg moves. However, in case of ALS the order from the brain is not transmitted to the spinal nerves. The order is not transmitted and the muscles don't move, so the muscles are atrophied. This is the pathological condition of ALS.
However, with Goshinjo therapy it makes me feel that my nerves and muscles are connected somehow.'

'Nerves and muscles are connected.' It is very important medically for ALS. How Goshinjo therapy can make 'nerves and muscles connect'?

'This is what I imagine. Whatever the cause, for example, the life energy which is input through the Goshinjo implements, if it allows the degenerated and damaged nerve fibers to re-connect and transmit orders to the muscles, the muscles can be moved temporally. However, an order may not be always transmitted because it is a temporary connection. It is difficult to think like this medically, but if I don't put this way I cannot explain the effects of Goshinjo therapy. It may work better for an ALS sufferer at the initial stage. I am hopeful that even for a long-term sufferer, if the re-connection is repeated, it may get close to being a permanent connection.'

You have just told me that Goshinjo therapy would help to regenerate muscles. Do you think that nerve fibers would be regenerated by Goshinjo therapy? To ask you that, I have written two cases of higher brain dysfunction in this column and there are cases that Goshinjo therapy helped to improve their brain function dramatically. For example, there was one case of a young man who could not remember what happened the day before for 27 years was able to remember details better than his mother after a few Goshinjo therapy treatments, and a different case of another young man who suffered from no comprehension and severe hemiparesis due to an accident recovered unbelievably. The only explanation is that the brain nerves have regenerated.

'I am not certain at this stage, but I think that is possible. It is thought that the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord could never be regenerated after they were damaged. However, there is a report from a research team in the U.S.A. that completely paralyzed bodily functions caused by spinal cord injury partially recovered by electrical stimulation. That means we still don't know everything about nerves and brains. When I observed the practice at Kihodo, I was amazed that Goshinjo therapy is largely effective not only to the dysfunction of motor neuron such as ALS or cerebral infarction sequelae but also to the dysfunction of basal ganglia such as Parkinson's disease or dystonia, and to the abnormality of muscles themselves like muscular dystrophy. This means that Goshinjo therapy could possibly activate transmission and functions of the brain, spinal cord and muscles. This is a very new and unique treatment which is beyond the understanding of conventional medicine.'

'Goshinjo therapy helps to maintain the immune function as normal.'
One of the remedial feature of Goshinjo therapy is that it can instantly eliminate pain.

'There is a word "Teate" (which is to place a hand in Japanese), human beings have this ability to feel less pain when their hand is placed on a painful area or when the area is rubbed by a hand. In neurophysiology the explanation is that a sense of touch is transmitted faster than a sense of pain and the sense of pain is controlled by this process. Goshinjo therapy applies this method of rubbing and pressing on a painful area to eliminate Jaki (excessive electromagnetic energy). This can be understood in neurophysiology that this method controls a sense of pain very efficiently and continuously.
However, this method of "Teate" is less effective for strong pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis, a slipped disk, cancer pain, etc. This is because when strong pain is transmitted to the brain for a long period of time, the sympathetic nerve makes the blood flow worse and results in causing a chain reaction of pain. This vicious circle of pain gives patients more misery and patients lose their will to fight against disease. Western medicine uses strong painkillers in such situations, narcotics for some progressive cancer cases, and sometimes narcotic agents to block nerves. However, Goshinjo therapy is effective towards those severe pains as well.'

I heard that your chronic back pain has improved.

'Just one session of Goshinjo therapy eliminated my chronic back pain. The pain returns occasionally, but it disappears immediately after receiving Goshinjo treatment at Kihodo. Not only my chronic back pain, but also my acute knee joint pain and sprained ankle improved by Goshinjo therapy. I have to think that Goshinjo therapy is also able to improve local inflammation rapidly. Most surprisingly, during the last two years of my visiting Kihodo, that I saw a terminal cancer patient improve from his constant acute pain in front of me.
I cannot eliminate the possibility that Goshinjo therapy is very effective for settling inflammation and reducing pain by secreting morphine to the brain. Once I compared the results of a biochemical examination of blood from a cancer patient before and after receiving Goshinjo treatment, I found it possible that Goshinjo therapy itself helped reduce the size of the tumor that resulted in controlling the pain. If this is proven it is "a Medical Revolution" for cancer treatment and great news. I am very sure that Goshinjo therapy will largely contribute to palliative care of terminal cancer patients in modern medicine.'

You have experienced the improvement of ALS symptoms and the elimination of pains by Goshinjo therapy. What else?

'I have experienced improvement to my immune system. Before visiting Kihodo, I used to catch severe colds and influenza for 2 years in a row and my respiration was affected every time. That is why my doctor recommended a gastric fistula and an assisted respiration device. When ALS has progressed, an assisted respiration device is put in by tracheotomy after consent from the patient, a gastric fistula is also installed. This means becoming bedridden. I am so happy that I could receive Goshinjo therapy treatments.
Year after year, having multiple Goshinjo therapy treatments I have not had a cold or temperature, or herpes which I suffered from for years and my immune system has been improving. It is the most important thing to have an improved immune system for ALS sufferers as infections can be life threatening.
Abnormality of the immune function is roughly divided into two states, one is that the immune response is low and another is that it overreacts. Babies and little children, AIDS sufferers, persons who have used steroid hormones for a long time, the malnourished belong to the former and they have a higher risk of contracting infections or cancer. On the other hand, hay fever, eczema or autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and SLE belong to the latter.
However, Goshinjo therapy is effective for both the low and overreacting immune responses. I have confirmed with photographs that the skin of a patient with severe eczema had regenerated by only Goshinjo therapy, without applying steroids. Since there is no treatment to correct the balance of the immune function in Western medicine, this is undoubtedly another remedial feature of Goshinjo therapy.'

Why do you think that Goshinjo therapy makes the immune function work better?

'It is difficult to answer that from a medical perspective. I feel that the treatment by Master Kida has strong life energy and geniality. I can feel him praying from his heart that he wants patients to get better. Once Master Kida starts treating a patient, he concentrates on his treatment, the strong life energy eliminates Jaki (Evil life energy) and normalizes the life energy field of a patient. As a result the self-healing ability is increased I think.'

I have introduced some cases of heart function recovery in this column and you have experienced your pulse becoming normal and your cardiopulmonary function has improved.

'I used to suffer from swollen legs due to sitting all day and I also had had tachycardia and arrhythmia for around 10 years. I had a heart problem and it was as if I was an elderly person who could hardly move. However, after Goshinjo therapy, my pulse reduced from 110 down to the 80's per minute, the arrhythmia disappeared, and my swollen legs returned to normal. My urine volume also increased. I think this is because Goshinjo therapy helped strengthen the cardiac functions and increased the cardiac output.
Many Kihodo patients say, "Goshinjo therapy removes swollenness." Swollenness is when fluid is contained in tissues among cells caused by illnesses such as heart failure, kidney failure or cirrhosis of the liver, and by weak blood flow in local areas. As a doctor I feel it is mysterious that one session of Goshinjo therapy which is approximately one hour gives the same results obtainable as cardiotonic drugs which take a few days including antiarrhythmic drugs and diuretics. I have to think Goshinjo therapy is also effective to peripheral circulation as well as cardiac and kidney functions.'

Goshinjo therapy improves the function of the internal organs, doesn't it?

'Yes, it does. Not only from my experience, I observed a lot of cases at Kihodo. For example, a patient who had suffered from severe cirrhosis of the liver with jaundice, swollenness of the entire body and high-grade ascites which were life threatening. However, the patient refused to be hospitalized and recovered with only Goshinjo therapy in a short period of time. All those symptoms disappeared and the liver functions returned to normal after three months. I know this to be true because I was involved in the medical tests. I worked for a university hospital looking after liver patients for a long time, however, this was the first case even for me to observe such improvements of severe irreversible cirrhosis. It is very difficult to understand from a medical perspective, but it is possible that the liver cells regenerated in an extremely short period of time. This matter now belongs to genetics.'

'The treatment with iPS cells is still being researched.'
There is no treatment for ALS in modern medicine at this time. Do you think we can expect some results from regenerative medicine using iPS cells?

'For ALS sufferers, the regenerative medicine using iPS cells is a big concern. At the moment the research to treat ALS with the application of iPS cells is divided into two. One is to reproduce the ALS in vitro with iPS cells from a patient for the research of therapeutic drug development. They test which drug would be more likely to work in vitro one by one. The other is to create glial cells which support the nerve cell functions from the iPS cells. This is the research of regenerative medicine by transplanting iPS cells to ALS suffering mice. The former research does not have enough information due to the number of patents and the latter is still at the stage of experimenting with animals. Both will require 5 to 10 years to be practically applied. ALS sufferers are so worried because the symptoms are generally progressive.'

Not so long ago the activity called "The Ice Bucket Challenge" that people dump a bucket of ice water on their heads or donate 100 dollars to the ALS Association in the United States has spread worldwide. The videos which show celebrities dumping ice water on their heads were broadcasted worldwide and caused a social phenomenon. This activity collected a huge amount of donations and contributed to the awareness of ALS.

'That is true, however, that was a kind of performance. If you pray from your heart "to get better soon", the prayer will be transmitted to a patient as energy. I was worried that they would catch a cold or have a heart attack from the ice water. I would prefer the well-intentioned donations to be used for research into Goshinjo therapy.'

You had written in your own blog about the issues of electromagnetic waves. I heard that you had collected plenty of information and spent 3 to 4 hours every day for six months inputting the information into a computer by holding a long chopstick in your mouth. Do you feel any health risk from electromagnetic waves as an ALS patient?

'The reality is we cannot escape from electromagnetic waves. However, in the near future, the health hazard from electromagnetic waves will be a social problem. We have to be aware of it and try to reduce the generation of and exposure to them at least in the home. That way, it will help prevent illnesses.'

Master Kida has been advocating that electromagnetic waves contribute to strong Jaki (Evil life energy) which is the substance of illnesses among causes such as overwork, stress, low atmospheric pressure or chemical substances. We are more aware of the health hazard caused by electromagnetic waves if we have experienced Goshinjo therapy.

'For the onset of ALS, we can think about it like a cervical cord injury by an accident etc. I also think that an implant is another risk factor because titanium is used for the implant. Titanium is also used for antennas of mobile phones and it may gather electromagnetic waves. There is one case of a strong headache sufferer finally curing the headache by having all his implants removed after not being able to identify the cause at a number of hospitals. In my case, 10 years before the onset of ALS I had 5 titanium implants, whiplash to my neck 5 years ago, and had been using an electric toothbrush whose magnetic field was more than 1000 mm gauss for many years. When I think back I had multiple risks.'

Gen Matsumoto, Doctor of Science, who started to analyze Goshinjo therapy scientifically used to say, 'Japan as a country should be proud that Goshinjo therapy was developed by Master Kida. Japan should analyze this therapy scientifically as to why it can cure illnesses.

'I also think that we need some basic research to analyze Goshinjo therapy. I myself have experienced amazing effects from Goshinjo therapy. Therefore, although it is very difficult, I have just started to study life energy medicine to analyze life energy, Jaki (Evil life energy) and illnesses by myself.
In the human body there are flows of life energy in Oriental medicine. When it does not flow properly Jaki is generated and cause illness. There are many causes that generate Jaki and electromagnetic waves is one of the major causes.
Unfortunately, Japanese doctors do not acknowledge the existence of life energy. However, the wave medicine developed in Germany treats the life energy in Oriental medicine as the wave in quantum mechanics and thinks stagnation of waves as an abnormality of frequency. There is a huge research facility of wave medicine in Germany. I believe that if Japan as a nation could open a research institute, Goshinjo therapy would be scientifically analyzed with the cooperation of basic medicine and quantum mechanics scholars as the effectiveness of Goshinjo therapy is very strong and wide.'

Dr. Matsumoto also said, 'Analyzing Goshinjo therapy would change the paradigm of science.'

'That is exactly right.
Goshinjo therapy can provide the effectiveness of giving peace of mind, easing pains, acting to nerves and muscles, improving organ function and maintaining the balance of the immune system, which are beyond the understanding of conventional medicine. It is also very different from any other Oriental medicine because patients can self-administer as well as having their family provide certain effectiveness. Goshinjo therapy provides medical reproducible results therefore, it is not a magical treatment. There must be a reason and there must be truth.'

Why is Goshinjo therapy very effective to 'irreversible diseases'?
Master Kida's explanation as to why atrophied muscles due to ALS are regenerated and muscles are strengthened by Goshinjo therapy is as follows,
'When Jaki (Evil life energy) is eliminated by Goshinjo therapy, the life energy flows better, the life energy field is corrected, and then the transmission of neural information is dramatically improved. As a result, Dr. Suzuki could retrieve some movement which he had lost. The substance of illnesses, ALS the incurable disease, cancers, whatever they are, is Jaki (Evil life energy). When Jaki is continuously eliminated by Goshinjo therapy, the stagnation of life energy is corrected, the life energy field is corrected, the life phenomena work properly and the self-healing ability gets better. In the case of Dr. Suzuki, his muscles have been regenerated by the laws of nature.'
Master Kida's explanation is very convincing as to what Dr. Suzuki described that he felt his nerves and muscles were connected. However, ALS is an irreversible disease. It is only one way of affecting motor neurons and damaging nerve fibers. Master Kida explained how, using the same example of a cirrhosis sufferer like Dr. Suzuki explained.
'Other than ALS, there was a case of decompensated cirrhosis which is thought to be irreversible and never recoverable, completely recovered by Goshinjo therapy. He used to have abdominal dropsy, jaundice and delirium. This is also impossible medically. The reason why Goshinjo therapy can be effective to irreversible diseases is, I believe that Goshinjo therapy turns the gene's switch on to create new normal cells. I think it was the same reason why the case of the memory of a higher brain impairment sufferer remarkably improved.'
The recovery of irreversible diseases is only explainable with the hypothesis of 'new creation of cells'.

Dr. Suzuki has started to research life energy medicine to analyze Goshinjo therapy which he benefits a lot from. For that, with ALS, he purchases a lot of necessary books on the internet, he turns the pages of those books with a lot of effort and inputs sentences by punching the keyboard one by one holding a long chopstick with his mouth. I have to admire his spirit of inquiry and his sense of duty as a doctor.
'Even with ALS which makes it difficult to have body strength, I feel my entire body gets stronger, motivated, and turns positive with Goshinjo therapy. Many doctors would probably say, "It is just your Ki* (mind)." It sure is my "Ki*". However, this Ki* is the waves of quantum mechanics and the life energy.'
What Dr. Suzuki has experienced is medically impossible. I look forward to his innovative research to analyze Goshinjo therapy with anticipation.

*Ki : A Japanese word meaning life energy, mind, etc.

November 4, 2014
Masako Kubota
English translation R & A Grosso